If you have someone to give you a push

in the right direction, before you rush

to join the crowd of your generation

which is obsessed with taking a vacation

from life, from hard things, from difficult conversations

you are lucky and shouldn’t take those pushes

for granted, even though the pulls

to go in the opposite direction would be high,

to never go out of your comfort zone sigh

to laze around and to be complacent

to aim low and be content

It is not the dreams of another

but your own dreams may have been smaller

and its destiny’s way of removing your shades

and a push to use your own traits

becoming a blessing for not one but many

making you more than a tiny

spec in the universe.

those who push you, them you should never curse

welcome their pushes,

thank the sources

friend, or foe or rival or sabotager

and make proud your creator

~ Julian Joseph


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