Some are so sweet, you feel blessed

some are so fake, you feel stressed

some shower you with love

others pretend to smile, to love

to sabotage our lives

to see us fall or catch us by surprise

We are glad to meet some of them

while dread others and the mayhem

they cause just by their hurtful words

or just by their presence in herds

they keep testing your patience

until they are put in their place

and told what’s right because

even after growing up, they are at a loss

failing to understand basic courtesy

common sense and decency

Sadly, you can’t choose them

but surely you can learn to live with them

respond in kind always

love with warmer love

spite with gentle reprimanding

it ain’t easy to stay on good terms

with those who are out to ruin your dreams

Show no tolerance for disrespect from anyone

Become a Biden for your own family and fire everyone

who breaks this code of conduct

to treat each other with respect

regardless of their education

or choice of profession

Relatives are your lot forever

it’d be best to make the ride better

with love and support for each other.

-Julian Joseph


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