Love in the classroom

Lovebirds Care Guide: Personality, Pairings, Supplies

[Enter s1]
a Mumbaiker she was,cool and bold
watched movies, each n every [ within its 1st week of release]
yet worked on every Q in math n mech
among the 'Top 10' created a niche :D
2 sems hence passed, this was the girl, CSB [my class] knew...

Calmly he sat, in class, drawing no attention at all
ready to help anyone, anytime, esp in Mech W/s
his 'Kozhikodan- halwa' everyone truly loved
his songs too,in a voice so different,
2 sems hence passed this was the boy, CSB knew only

[enter s3]
change of class
change of seating arrangements
change was in the air...
or was it love? :P

What kindled the spark, we know not
What made them fall, we'd learn never
But O What love...
hand- in-hand
heads cuddled together
talking endlessly about who -knows -what:P

passing notes in secrecy[or so they thought]

Every day, every hour, every minute
through calls, through letters, through chats,
through bits of paper, [from Bhavana's nb]
through eyes and smiles, if nothing else :P :)
O What love....

in between the classes
in the hallways around the college
in 'ZAM-ZAM' or 'Chills'
over a 'Milano' or their favourite 'Mosambi-juice' :P
O What love....

to the movies, to the malls,
to every place that one could go
in an auto, train, or bus
or just a plain walk down the road till YMCA
O What love....

the way he walks up to her every morning
the way he bends down to meet her eyes
the way he waits for her to return
the way he turns to her side, in every class
O What love....

the way her eyes look out for him alone
the way she looks up to him
the way she hurries away to meet him
the way she starts little fights only to make up
soon afterwards
O What love….

as the compass-needle points north always
so does he tilt his head to gaze upon her always
as the moon is pulled by the earth's force of attraction
so is he, by her charming smile :P
as the sunflower blooms when the sun shines
so does she when he smiles at her
O What love...

chivalrous and brave, he stands up for her [Onam scene]
crazy n cute, she supports him for everything
with her 'Bonny-tail'n his everpresent beard
that she likes
'cute' is this couple of CSB anyone would say

the last-minute gaze before exams
the last-bench talk after their routine lunch
the completely opposite favourites in
sports, movies etc..truly do opposites attract,
O What love...

But don’t be fooled
even though they appear so crazy [about each other]
they study harder than ever, as if in a race
to keep up their grades
they watch over one another
even in little ways, like reminders to
go to the mess-hall, when hungry
or to the doctor, when sick
O What love...

on the first valentine, CSB wished you
a bond of love so strong,
one that strengthened with every passing day
days filled with unforgettable moments
colours, laughter and lots n lots of LOVE

Oh but alas little did we know 
life would take a different turn
with new jobs in new cities
the time came for them to part ways

years went by, and the girl and the boy aged
'twas time according to the elders
for the girl to start a family
the hunt for a suitable groom began

heaven and earth were moved
to bring these loving souls together
stories were shared, secrets were told
with fear and hope, parents were told 
about this love story, with bated breath, CSB waited
to get the most-awaited wedding invitation

for the girl and the boy were 
from different kinds of families
families that followed different religions
both religions taught to love and be brave
but did they learn enough 
to accept the other with open arms
we could only wonder and wait

then out of the blue, came the invitation
it was like a million candles blew out
it wasn't the one we were expecting
what had passed, some saw up close
the drinking, the bad days with a broken heart
others just knew that CSB's first love story 
had come to the most cliched end

the boy's parents were not ready to accept
the girl's parents were done waiting
soon another suitable partner was found
invitations were sent out, for yet another love story

love is a verb, thankfully, and not a fruit
that once you have had a bite
it would have just a half remaining
No, love can happen not just twice 
but keep happening for a lifetime

We wish the couple good luck
including the boy, with a cello-taped heart
for love is also letting go
now CSB now awaits another 
brand-new love story to come to pass


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