Love : True or fake?

 The Meaning of Love. On the Philosophy of Fondness | by Joshua Hehe | Medium

It is so easy to make those who love us, our enemies. Then we claim to love our enemies as true Christians. :P But why do make our trusting neighbours our enemies in the first place. Our life is not a stage. Love is not a theatre act. It has to be truly genuine. (Love must be sincere (Romans 12: 9)) Not hypocritic acts. Why pretend to love our those who live around us, worship along with us? 

Do we pretend to love our parents, just because it is hard to live under one roof without pretending? Are our marital relationships full of pretence love? We sure may not hate them. But are we faking love? Fake it till you make it right? How and why is it so hard to love? But what is there to hate and if there is nothing to hate in people around you, then why can't we love them?

The only thing you are to hate is evil. Abhor what is bad, evil and discerned as wrong by your own system of thinking, by the society and the world. But if you are concerned about a person, if you truly love someone, you cling on to that person, you passionately hope for the welfare of that person. There is no place for hypocrisy there. You long to see that person you love to be successful, to be healthy and to see them grow in the best way possible. 

Love has a strong hatred for evil. It is hard to love someone who according to you does wrong things. You sure need a discern what is right and wrong before you choose to love. There is no point in loving blindly. But if the person is right, and loves you and lives right next you trusting you, don't hold back. Love generously and passionately.  Be devoted to one another in love. (Romans 12: 10)


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