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 Ellen DeGeneres stopped Finding Nemo creator from making Dory male

Every now and then, I enjoy watching an animation movie where I feel I am just myself left all by myself in a wonderful world. Yesterday it was "Finding Dory", a sequel to one of my childhood favourites - "Finding Nemo". I am almost every time mesmerized by the songs, the message conveyed, the expressions of each character the CGI engineer or artist brings forth via the animation movie. I would recommend every Disney movie ever created as a perfect stressbuster for all in these tough times. 

2 months ago, it was Frozen 2. The magic, the fervour and the love portrayed in the movie will remain in my heart for a long time surely. Its theme song has become my new favourite too. I can't recommend this movie enough. It has everything from humour to suspense to love. A perfect escape from the real world. It is story of courage, of trust and faith, a journey of finding oneself and knowing that 

'There is no (other )secret ingredient (besides you)' - (A favourite quote from Kung Fu Panda) 

Frozen 2' review: Great VFX, music almost save this unnecessary sequel- The  New Indian Express


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