Little joys of marriage

 poha: Poha, a breakfast fixture, finds mention in Krishna-Sudama tales;  Indore's famed flattened rice dish looks at GI tag - The Economic Times

There are those few days in the calendar when I get to sit on the sofa and rest while my husband prepares the breakfast. The legendary dish - Poha. It is supposed to be the staple food of every resident of Indore, his hometown. I, for the life of me, can't understand its glory and fame. Its after all just rice flakes and gram flour (sev). In the entire duration of 30 minutes of cooking, there would be umpteen number of times when he would call out for various things - "Where is X? Where do you keep "Y"? and so on.  The smile on his face and the tone of my own father after he accomplishes this feat of cooking breakfast is so full of pride, it would break my heart to tell them otherwise. I smile and enjoy the one dish my husband can cook successfully. 


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